Interesting. An old (dead) project still has relevance



Balance your checkbook in your bathroom.
Watch movies laying on the couch

Imagine: Many people have spontaneous ideas, whether artistic, business, or invention related (as in my case). With the right music authoring, paint, or design software on the tablet, ideas can quickly be scribbled in SketchBook or OneNote, expounded on right then or left for later, but what is important is that the tablet can provide every tool all along the creative process and ideas can mature very rapidly. It would be very powerful to see a real life example of such an expedited progression. To provide an example, I can use Journal or Corel Grafigo to sketch idea for a new bicycle seat. Then, I can use SketchUp to design a 3D bicycle seat using the pen and an extrusion tool. If I truly wanted to take the idea further, all I would have to do was port the drawing to CAD, turn it into a 3d solid, and send it to a prototype manufacturer that I found on the net. I could have even filed for a patent online. It is truly amazing that one could do this without ever needing any other tool than a 3 pound tablet.

Controlling ambience: use the tablet as part of an electronic control system:
o Garage Door opener
o Lights
o Audio / video / etc.
Remote control of equalizer, etc. Even preview other channels on the tablet before you change to them on the big screen. Or for personal entertainment, use a USB or PCMCIA TV card to receive TV. (Maybe a Wireless transmitter?)

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