Interesting. An old (dead) project still has relevance



By showing the videos, audio clips, images, and written stories on a single internet site, solutions can be categorized into various calssifications, such as art, entertainment, various professions, novel or unusual uses, etc. This will be a low cost solution that depends on the genuine interest of current aficionados to share their fervor for the tablet pc with others.

This is a true reality: Various websites show how people are interested in sharing the variety of ways tablets are used in their lives. For example, go to . It talks about the phenomenon of tablet pc user community and interest in promoting form factor to others.
Similarly, is a rather dire opinion of one user in the community that is itching to evangelize, with very telling followup comments. Here, a user says, among other things, that people’s expectations of the tablet are too high. He addresses the need to target specific audiences.

It seems to be that people want to get the word out and everybody likes to discuss their own experiences. Why not allow it to happen, letting people demonstrate how the tablet can be used in various targeted examples, but on a high-profile, monitored, and publicized site, possibly giving incentive for people to post with the possibility of winning a televised or radio broadcast?

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