Interesting. An old (dead) project still has relevance



In the car:
A tablet holster (much like those for cell phones in cars) can be fit to go in the open slots of many Asian cars, or other mounting techniques can be made to allow fast access to the tablet while in the car.

Hear something on the radio, use program on tablet to mark it based upon your
radio’s frequency.

I have friends that prefer to play their digital music in their cars. This can easily be done in the car for very little money using a tablet connected to the stereo.

A GPS travelguide can be used on the tablet so you will never get lost again. Audio cues can also be used if you wish not to look at the screen. This is especially helpful when the tablet is connected to your stereo.

On road trips, movies can be shown in the backseat for the kids on the tablet PC.

Many use computers to configure their oxygen/NOx ratios, valve timings, etc. in their cars, but then they disconnect them for the race or they don’t have a place to mount them. With a mounted tablet PC (using the proposed import mount), they can make changes quickly, easily, and they can even analyze their engine performance needs real time.

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