Interesting. An old (dead) project still has relevance



…Although the preceding can be done with laptops, I demoed a tablet from Electrovaya as an undergrad and designed a website for another student organization with the president right there using Denim® web building tool for the Tablet PC. He described the layout, I drew it in. It was easy to draw tables, and the program could interpret my drawings and turn it into a website skeleton.

Anywhere at 2:00 PM
Does it ever feel like your “day planner” is the hub of your productivity? Well, then the tablet PC planners available supercharge your efficiency. For example, you can synchronize your calendar appointment with a document you have been working on. So, if at one meeting, you have to start a project, to be due at a certain meeting in the future. In one fell swoop, you can make a calendar entry for the meeting, and associate a new Microsoft Project File or perhaps a PPT with it. Not only will it be ready for you to access at the future meeting, but you can automatically have a To-Do note made, and you can set the importance level all at day one (the program will ask you if you want to raise the importance level as the date approaches). Because you are too busy to “fish” for files.

What would be really helpful here is to incorporate a program that lets your tasks (set for certain areas), documents, folders, etc. change automatically when you walk into specific wireless zones for instance. This allows you to tailor your tablet to fit your activity: In the office, at home, at school, at the coffeeshop, etc. Another useful tool would be to set a time pattern on what folders, tasks, and programs are shown on the desktop at certain times of the day to suit your schedule.

Similarly, you should be able to click on an item in to do list, which will bring up associated program or doc. Have prog or doc button come up when alarm goes off. Click on part of day to bring up proper docs and programs. So, if class is right now, then I can either configure an alarm to bring up the prog at the appropriate time, or I can go to the calendar desktop and click on the file I want to open on the fly out menu from the event on the calendar. You’ll be the first to be ready and you’ll know exactly where you left off. (You can also set the program (journal or word) to automatically date your entry as you close the file or as you open it (or it can pull up a radio button asking if you want to).)

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